Why Is Podcasting The Next Big Tool For Small Businesses?

Podcasting is a great way to stay connected with your existing customers and attract new ones. It’s growing in popularity as an effective marketing tool because of a lower entry barrier and the highly personalized approach that it gives to the listeners. Want to figure out WHY and HOW you should start podcasting for a small business? Luckily, we know the answers to your questions and will share them shortly.

Why is there so much noise about podcasting?

In parallel to having more digital opportunities, people lack socializing. Podcasting is a new medium that seems to fill in this gap. When people listen to podcasts, they feel like the host is talking directly to them, and this almost interactive communication appears to attract more fans day by day. There are 116 mln podcast listeners in 2021, with 48 mln podcast episodes available, while in 2018, there were only 550,000 podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts. This means marketers and businesses have a new promising medium. So, why miss this effective addition to your small business growth strategy? If you are not that easy to convince, let’s jump into the other benefits of podcasting for small businesses.

podcasting for small businesses

Podcasting expenses are affordable for small businesses

As a small business with comparably little income, you should prioritize your marketing expenses to choose the directions which provide you with the best results. In this context, podcasts are a great low-cost marketing tool. In fact, if you manage to utilize all the modern tools for podcasting effectively, you can even make podcasts at no cost at all.

Creating podcasts for small businesses without equipment

We suggest you cut all the production costs and try Podcastle’s FREE audio recording and editing platform. With this tool, you can record a track, cut and edit it, remove the background noise, add transition effects, and use many other features to have a professional studio-quality podcast without spending a penny. We know you are intrigued, so wait no longer and record your first show today.

Creating podcasts for small businesses with equipment

If you want to go for a traditional method of podcast recording regardless, keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank on buying costly podcast equipment.
Actually, at the initial stage of your company’s podcasting experience, you can simply invest in a quality mic and a good pair of headphones. Other podcasting gear, such as a recording device, or a mixer, can be easily replaced by your laptop. At this point, you might question why you need to start podcasting for small businesses. So, let’s list some of the benefits podcasting will grant you.

Podcasts guarantee a wider reach

We have previously discussed that podcasts are an intensively growing medium. Therefore, one of the compelling reasons to launch your company podcast is the opportunity to reach more audiences. Podcasts will help you get more people interested in your niche, especially those who you didn’t manage to target before with your other marketing channels. What’s more, running a podcast for your small business will open a path for new partnerships, such as interviewing famous guests and bringing their audiences’ attention to your business.

You can do better company branding

Podcasting will let you better translate your brand’s mission and your corporate culture. Customers love humanistic brands, and allowing them to connect with your business beyond just buying your products will significantly increase your brand’s popularity. To successfully utilize podcasting for your small business, find the topic connected to your niche and your customers’ interests. For example, share your thoughts on industry standards and trends, discuss how your products can add value, etc. Besides, you can accentuate your company’s staff and start a corporate podcast. In this way, you will introduce people standing behind your brand and establish a stronger emotional bond.

Podcasts can become your new income source

Besides what was just mentioned, podcasting also unlocks a new monetization opportunity; podcast advertising. The podcast advertising market is projected to reach $ 2 bln in 2023, which means you can attract many advertisers to your niche if you manage to create an engaging show with a solid listener base. Usually, the podcast advertising rates vary between $15-25 CPM (Cost Per 1,000 downloads) depending on the length of the advertising. However, this price can increase as your show becomes more popular.

Final thoughts

Podcasts are an increasingly growing medium, and you can’t ignore it if you want to stay on the top of the game. Starting a podcast for your small business will position you as an up-to-date brand. And once you open the door to podcasting, it will open new doors for your business in return.

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