What Are Some Problems In The Podcasting Industry?

Apple podcast and chill?

Get ready to hear this phrase more often because podcasts are becoming so trendy that it won’t be surprising if you call your friend for a sleepover to spend the night binge-listening to your favorite podcast. But there is one disturbing question: if podcasts are so popular, why do the 40% of Apple podcasts have no more than ten episodes?

Unfortunately, some problems in the podcasting industry make the hosts give up early on their journey. If you have never made a podcast, it doesn’t require much effort. Indeed, podcasting can be pretty easy with the right audio content creation platform, but as with any new endeavor, you’re going to face many challenges.

But do not let the problems in the podcasting industry discourage you. On the contrary, overcoming all the difficulties will make you a better podcast host with an irresistible show. But before you can face the challenges, you must know what they are.

So, here are some of the problems in the podcasting industry that you should be aware of.

3 main challenges of creating a podcast

Finding time to start

Any new endeavor requires you to change your usual routine and find time to work on something new. So does podcasting. Especially if you’re only at the start of your journey, it might seem overwhelming. You should come up with the podcast topics, find time and place for podcast recording, editing, publishing. It requires a lot of effort and time to start a podcast.

And if you have a full-time job and a social life: it simply seems impossible. But the truth is if you’re genuinely committed to the idea and are passionate about it, you can make some adjustments to your schedule and spend a couple of hours working on your future podcast episode every day.

If you’re too busy, you could leave that task for the morning hours, when nothing can disturb you. Try to wake up a little sooner than you used to do and research the podcasting industry before you go to work.

Or, if you’re a night owl, the late hours might work better. Whatever it is, make sure you find time for your podcast, or else you’ll postpone it forever, and it will remain a dream.

Attracting new listeners

Are you one of those who can’t bear the sight of wasted food or wasted clothing? Well, we have one more thing to add to the list: wasted content.

One of the main problems for podcasters is getting the show out there and attracting listeners. And unfortunately, not many podcast hosts complete this step successfully. As a result, so many new shows get forever lost in the large pool of podcasts, disheartening the creators and forcing them to go back to the 9-5 lifestyle.

But trust us, there’s no need to lose your hope if you don’t find your audience in the first couple of weeks. You just need to give it some time and follow a couple of practices to improve its discoverability.

For instance, try to share your podcast on social media by promoting it in Facebook groups or Reddit communities. To level up your game, you could even add a video element to your show and start posting it on Youtube. By the way, you don’t need to struggle much. Even a still picture with your podcast audio could work.

Don’t forget to contact some of your fellow podcasters and ask to be their guest. This could be beneficial for both shows, so the chances are high that the podcast hosts will accept the offer.

You could also reach out to other influencers, like Instagrammers, Tik Tokers, or simply industry celebrities. A simple tweet from a good influencer could instantly bring you hundreds of listeners. Don’t underestimate their power!

Monetizing and integrating ads

Here’s anonymous feedback taken from the Niamanlab, where the podcaster answered the question, “What are you most frustrated by?”

“The rise of big money podcast companies and their treatment of content creators. […] Bad contracts explicitly designed to take advantage of podcast creators who don’t have the resources or knowledge to fully understand every detail of the contract.”

Indeed this is a pretty big problem in the industry. Young podcasters feel too excited when a big podcasting company contacts them for collaboration, imagining that they are paving the way to success.

However, as it turns out later, that contract is full of traps and trickier than it seemed. Of course, not all companies are willing to delude their creators, but if you get an exclusive offer, make sure you read the contract properly: even the tiny words in italic.

But the difficulties do not end here. Overall, monetizing your show is a pretty tough task. Most of the sales companies will require from you exclusivity but will promise nothing in return. And the worst part: their services are pretty expensive. If you end up getting no results, the blame is on you; most sales agencies will not give you your money back.

However, you can take care of the promotion or advertising yourself, especially if you’re only starting your show. One of the ways you could make your podcast more popular is by improving your podcast SEO. For that, you need to equip your website with relevant content and keywords.

Our AI-powered podcast platform has a pretty handy speech-to-text software that gives you the complete transcription of your audio in no time. Posting the transcription on your website will improve your searchability and rank higher in the SERPs.

By the way, you can use the tool vice versa, too, as a text-to-speech converter if you want to add some fun AI voice skins to your podcast episode.

Final Thoughts

We know that there are many issues with podcasts, but don’t let them stop you. With enough knowledge and determination, you can overcome all the challenges of creating a podcast and make your show thrive.

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