These 8 Training Podcasts Are Godsend for Self-Development Lovers!

Cheers to everyone who can't sit calm without learning something new every day. If you're a life-long learner, trust us; we understand you perfectly. We also know that guilty feeling comes in the evening, right before you go to sleep when you realize the daily workload did not allow you to spend time on self-development. We know that pain, too! But, don't worry, as we have a perfect solution for you!

The training podcasts, which are like audio libraries full of all kinds of information that you can access anytime. And if you have time for the basic daily chores like washing the dishes or driving to work, you can listen to these training podcasts at the same time.

Here is a short instruction:

  1. Find some free time
  2. Put your headphones on
  3. Play any of the training podcasts from the list below

Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee

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instructional designers in offices drink coffee

The two hosts of the show, Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden from the dominKnow team, regularly release episodes where they discuss different aspects of learning and development. The podcast mainly focuses on instructional design, as you might guess from the title. One of the show's benefits is that the hosts record themselves live, which makes it feel more authentic. What's more, you can join the podcast and ask your questions directly to the hosts. To do that, check their crowd cast.

The eLearning Coach

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the eLarning Coach

The eLearning Coach's host, Connie Malamed, is a learning experience design enthusiast. Besides releasing her podcast episodes, she is also working on books, articles, courses, and other educational materials to provide interested audiences with in-depth information on the topic. The usual format of The eLearning Coach podcast interviews. Connie talks to authors and experts in the industry to know their opinions and predictions on future learning trends.

If this sounds interesting, check it out!

The Online Course Coach

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the online course coach

In The Online Course Coach, the host Jeff Long shares his rich experience of designing learning courses, dynamic training videos, and other educational content. He educates hundreds of people daily and teaches them how to design productive learning environments in his podcast. The episodes of The Online Course Coach come in a mixed format. Some episodes are with Jeff Long himself; others have invited experts who share their opinion on the topic. This podcast is a perfect source for everyone who wishes to profit from teaching and wants to start his personal online course.

The Future of Work Podcast

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the future of work

Jacob Morgan, a trained futurist, and a leadership specialist, has a sad story about the demotivating corporate culture. He is against the existing office structure where employees feel undervalued and do not learn anything new. Therefore, he is actively working on figuring out the future of work and leadership in the modern world. His discussion topics typically include the changing working model and the strategies that can help organizations and leadership teams to cope with these ongoing changes.

Quick and Dirty Tips

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modern mentor

If you share the philosophy that one needs to work smarter rather than harder to become more successful, you will love the Quick and Dirty Tips podcast! Stever Robbins releases a new episode every week, where he shares some tips and tricks on how every bored employee can be turned into an overachiever. His mission is to provide listeners with quick and actionable tips to become more productive. He also covers topics like the working tools and devices we all need for more productive work.

Smart Passive Income

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smart passive income

This one is a true treasure for bloggers.
If you're looking for successful blogger tips and strategies, then subscribe to the Smart Passive Income podcast, where Pat Flynn will share with you all his killer tips for starting a successful online business. His primary focus is teaching his listeners how to have successful passive income sources to have more free time for doing things they really love. It seems like something we all dream about, huh?

The Women Talking About Learning

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the woman talking about learning

The Women Talking About Learning is a show where female hosts share their opinions on learning experiences every week. There are currently about 21 released episodes where women experts in L&D discuss mentoring, visual classrooms, diversity and inclusion, and much more. Though most shows are in informal interview format, each episode has a clear educational structure. You will learn a lot and get many takeaways for yourself from a 40-minutes long show.

Learning Tech Talks

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learning tech talks

Learning Tech Talks is your source of unbiased and in-depth conversation with the learning technology experts. Each episode lasts for about an hour and discusses the hot topics of virtual learning, learning technologies, reskilling, upskilling, and many more. The podcast is distributed by Learning Sharks and releases a one-episode per week. By subscribing to the podcast, you can learn about the continually evolving landscape of learning technologies. And if you want to share your opinion on a specific topic, you are allowed to do it by registering the special form on the podcast's website.

Before you go

Each of the podcasts in our list has a lot of useful and practical information for the forever-learners. So, if you don't have time to dig into these things yourself, lose no time and subscribe to the podcasts right away.

Happy eLearning, everyone!

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