Top Software Testing Podcast to Enhance Your Skills

Software testing is a secure way to check whether the software product matches the expected requirements and make sure that the software product is defect-free. With the help of this performance, the software/system components are tested using manual or automated tools. The main purpose of software testing is to find bugs, identify gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrast to needed requirements. An adequately tested software product will ensure high performance, security, and reliability and provide cost-effectiveness, time-saving, and customer satisfaction. As software development continuously upgrades, software testing engineers should constantly enhance their skills and keep up with the latest updates, tools, and frameworks. Software testing podcasts are an excellent opportunity for testers to stay updated on the latest news, listen to different experts and their practices, and get helpful information on a unique topic without wasting their time. One can tune in to a preferred podcast on a certain topic and listen to it while driving home, running, or having lunch. There is a vast range of software testing podcasts out there, and Podcastle has picked up the top ones to make it easy for you. Let’s check!

1. TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast

TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts covering all deep insights of software testing. The host, Joe Colantonio, talks about everything from test automation covering various topics in the industry to reviewing different media about automation and going through helpful books. Listening to this podcast, you will go through Selenium automatic tests for Python, on-demand environments concerning automation testing, and things that will enhance your testing skills in 2022.

2. Test & Code

Are you a coder or a tester, or both? As the testing and coding go hand-in-hand, this podcast brings up all particularities of both and the gaps between them and provides strategies and tips on how to make the right to achieve a software testing services. This podcast covers such topics as software methodologies, continuous integration, data science, Python, etc. The host, Brian Okken, interviews experts from both fields and always has thought-provoking discussions. Listening to this podcast, you will gain vast information and enhance your skills both in coding and testing.

3. The Changelog

Another helpful software testing podcast is The Changelog. This podcast covers everything about software testing, from advanced developments in the field to testing practices, industry news, tools, and more. The hosts, Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, provide in-depth discussions on all particularities of software testing and interview various realm experts. In fact, on the show's website, you can check the developments of GitHub, which is a leading software development providing platform and is an excellent tool for all testers.

4. The Testing Show

The Testing Show is a podcast 100% dedicated to all levels of testing. This podcast by Qualitest will provide you with in-depth information from A to Z, such as methodologies, trends, tools, etc. With the hosts, Matt and Michael, who have been experienced professionals for years in the software testing industry, you will get helpful insights about all current happenings and enhance your skills.

5. AB Testing

If you want to listen to professional software testing experts and learn various practices, you should tune in to AB Testing. This podcast is hosted by pioneers of the industry, Alan Page and Brent Jensen. It covers multiple topics such as Agile, DevOps, Data Science, Lean, Delivery, Leadership, and more. During the recent episodes, the discussions were about quality coaching, diversity and safety, AAB testing, etc. This podcast has a great community and recently started live streaming on YouTube, so you can easily join their chat.

6. The Ministry of Testing Podcast

The Ministry of Testing is a unique online community that is totally dedicated to building up the testing profession and supporting testers to learn. Its podcast includes interviews with various software testing experts that discuss diverse software testing topics. The podcast also dives into non-technical topics such as diversity, office culture improvement, and inclusion.

7. Quality Sense

Created by the COO and co-founder of Abstracta, Federico Toledo, the Quality Sense podcast aims to share information about topics related to software testing. During each episode, you will listen to different guests and experts in the field of testing, their practices, and insights on the current most pressing topics, and get acquainted with various collaborators of varying software testing tools, conferences, methodologies, etc. So, don’t miss your chance.

8. That’s a Bug!

That’s a Bug is another helpful podcast that uncovers the bugs of all times. During each episode, the hosts discuss a specific bug. For example, they discussed the famous bug of the Boeing 787, which required the aircraft to be restarted every 51 days. Otherwise, it could cause a loss of control. This podcast shows that software testing has a tremendous value in all products worldwide, and the lack of it may cause physical and cost losses.

9. Women Who Change Tech

The Women Who Change Tech podcast is a great podcast from 2 tech women who bring up everything about testing and tech uniquely and profoundly. The hosts, Alison Wade, The founder of Women who Test and the president of TechWell, and Jessie Shternshus, the owner of Improve Effect, provide deep insights about software testing and go through such topics as creativity, and soft skills, leadership, etc. With their exciting episodes, they are changing the face of technology.

10. Perfbytes

Perfbytes is another powerful podcast formed by four software testing experts - Leandro Melendez, James Pulley, Brian Wilson, and Mark Tomlinson. All four possess impeccable experience in load testing and performance and have worked for large organizations. The podcasts are mainly focused on software testing tools and conferences. The great thing is that there is also Perfbytes Español, especially for Spanish-speaking listeners.

Final Thoughts

So, here you go! Chose one of the listed podcasts always to stay updated and enhance in software testing just by tuning in to one during your leisure.

Happy Listening!


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