Top 10 Psychology Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2022

Psychology explores the human mind and behavior, which is the most important field of human life. In this rapidly changing life cycle, it is crucial to understand and control your mind and emotions regardless the age. Psychology researches the influence of every aspect of our life. Many people turn to psychologists for help during different stages of life to solve various problems. But many have no time for visits and even escape, thinking that they will overcome themselves. Fortunately, there is an excellent opportunity for everyone, and it is psychology podcasts. You can tune into a preferred podcast, choose the right topic for you and get advice from different experts, professional psychologists, and thought leaders that will help you to figure it out. The benefit of podcasts is that you can listen to one during a suitable time while driving home, walking, or at the gym, and without spending money for visits. Listening to a psychology podcast, you will go deep into such topics as psychotherapy, consciousness dreams, business psychology, social issues, personal growth, spirituality, confidence, and much more. As psychology has a vast range of branches and there are numerous psychology podcasts available, Podcastle has picked up the top ones to make it easy for you. Let’s go!

1. The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast provides an excellent opportunity to understand the world we live in, yourself and others, and shows how to stimulate your mind. The host Scott Barry Kaufman interviews various experts and discusses such topics as human potential, creativity, intelligence, social issues, and much more.

2. Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain, by NPR, is created and hosted by journalist Shankar Vedantam. This psychology podcast explores the unconscious structures that drive human behavior and answers questions that lie at the base of our complex and changing world. During each episode, you will dive deep into different topics in which Vedantam interviews other psychologists to explain things like finding meaning at work, becoming more empathetic, laughing at people, and more.

3. Speaking of Psychology

This psychology podcast will help you help you to get your knowledge directly from the pros at the American Psychological Association (APA). This podcast aims to highlight the most important and relevant psychological research used today and help listeners implement the science of psychology into their routine.

4. Shrink Rap Radio

Another beneficial psychology podcast is Shrink Rap Radio. Listening to this podcast, you will go deep into psychology together with the host, a well-known psychologist Dr. David Van Luys. You will participate in interviews about a broad array of psychological topics, including depth psychology, psychotherapy, dreams, consciousness, business psychology, mind/body psychology, developmental psychology, personal growth, research psychology, psychology and art, social issues, and spirituality. The list of world-class guests includes Charles Tart, Philip Zimbardo, Jonathan Haidt, Irvin Yalom, etc.

5. Personality Hacker Podcast

Personality Hacker Podcast aims to teach you the coding language of your mind so that you can hack your career, happiness, and relationship. Together with the hosts Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt, you will explore how people approach personality and make better decisions based on your mind flow. You will listen to different experts and pros and find out how small changes in your personality can significantly impact your life.

6. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour examines mental illness, addiction, trauma, and negative thinking.

The host, Paul Gilmartin, interviews various people about their struggles and experiences with mental health. Many of the listeners of this podcast are involved in creative arts.

7. The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology Podcast explores things like the appreciation of gratitude, beauty, relationship, positive emotions, and love. The host Kristen Truempy will help you find a better you through valuable insights, strategies, and tidbits for living a better life.

8. Brain Science

Brain Science is a perfect psychology podcast that will help you understand the biological processes in your head. The host Dr. Ginger Campbell, a physician with a passion for neuroscience, has been exploring the most recent discoveries and explains in-depth how our brain makes us the person we are. She interviews various experts who share the science behind topics like how to become more creative and how to prevent cognitive decline.

9. The Private Startup

The Private Practice Startup is hosted by Kate Campbell, LMFT, Ph.D., LMFT & Katie Lemieux, two therapists who built their private practices from the very start. They are passionate about inspiring mental health pros on their personal practice journey from startup to mastery! During each episode, they interview experts in the mental health and business arenas, entrepreneurs, and successful private practitioners to provide an abundance of information for every kind of listener.

10. All In The Mind

This podcast by BBC Radio examines various psychological topics each week, like exercises to prevent depression, how to control your worries, personality change, tolerance in the brain, etc. The host Claudia Hammond, interviews a wide variety of guests working in the psychology field. By listening to All in the Mind, you will explore all in your mind.

Wrapping Up

There is a wide variety of psychology podcasts available, from personal discussions to academic reviews, and we listed 10 of them. All podcasts will provide helpful insights that will teach you something new and make better yourself and your life.

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