Top Podcast Websites That Will Help You to Start Podcasting

As the saying says – Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Starting a new job or a new profession always requires appropriate knowledge and deep research of that field. Podcasting is currently on its rise, and hundreds of podcasters start their production every day. You can also find plenty of podcast websites with different features and technologies. If you have decided to start your podcast production, you should explore a lot to make something new, fresh, and different to attract people and succeed. Fortunately, today you can find every kind of information on the internet and start your learning with the help of various video courses. Although podcasting has an audio format, currently, you can find vast resources of information in the form of reading material, including articles, blogs, and books. In addition to the regular episodes, many podcasters add their articles or blogs to deliver their message and attract more listeners through improved SEO. There are also handy podcast websites and blogs which contain all sorts of helpful information concerning podcasting, from the basic information about how to start to advertising and promotion. Nevertheless, searching certain information in the wide variety of podcast websites may be challenging. We are here to pay tribute to some popular ones, which hopefully will guide you.

1. Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights is one of the most integrated podcast websites that provides blogs on every factor of starting and running a podcast. Their content is published on famous platforms like The Verge, Forbes, and The New York Times. Podcast Insights provides in-depth information not only about starting and running a podcast but also about monetization. If you are interested in growing and advertising your podcast, Podcast Insights will help you. The founder and managing editor of Podcast Insights is Ross Winn, who has helped people launch and grow their podcasts starting from 2014.

2. School of Podcasting

Just as it sounds, the School of Podcasting is a comprehensive website with all the necessary resources to learn about podcasting. They provide a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through planning, producing, growing, and promoting your podcasts. They will also help to prevent common mistakes most podcasters make. Dav Jackson, a long-time podcaster, runs this podcast website and has helped thousands of people launch their shows.


Podcastpage is a website builder platform created specifically for Podcasters. A podcast website is an important tool you could use to leverage and grow your own podcast, increase engagement with your listeners, and easily share the URL during your show, on social media, and your public show notes. Podcastpage makes it easy for podcasters to create a full website, without coding or any prior experience required. You can build and launch your website in just a few minutes, and focus on creating your next episodes!

4. Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is the founder of his podcast website and is well-known as "Podcast Answer Man.” He has deep knowledge about podcasting and is a comprehensive person who is a coach, consultant, and podcast producer at the same time. Together with his wife, they started podcasting in 2005 about the TV show "Lost. "He has produced more than 20 different shows and around 2800 episodes. On his podcast website, you can find all information you need about podcasting, as he shares all his methods and experiences with the audience. His podcast website and blogs are free and contain helpful information not only for technical aspects but also about inspiration. It is also possible to buy his guides, tutorials, and equipment bundles.

5. The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host is a podcast website that provides in-depth and actionable content on podcasting and will serve as a super guide for those interested in creating a podcast, choosing the right equipment, learning everything about post-production processes, and more. The founder of the podcast website The Podcast Host Colin Gray has created a fantastic membership academy that provides professional information about starting, launching, and growing your podcast. This podcast website has its podcast maker tool named Alitu. It is an easy-to-use modern tool that will help you produce, edit, and publish your show and save your time.

6. Fizzle

Fizzle is a podcast website, a podcast, and a blog that is mainly oriented on business and helpful for creative entrepreneurs. Corbett Barr, Steph Crowder, and Chase Reeves run this podcast website. Their content is amusing and useful for the podcasters who need to run their business. As they state, they have created this podcast website to help those entrepreneurs who give up just because of a lack of information on how to grow their business podcast. Their weekly podcasts and informative and hilarious, full of motivation and inspiration.

7. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a professional podcast website that provides plenty of free resources, including tutorials, articles, courses, case studies, and a podcast hosted by Pat Flynn. Pat has already helped hundreds of companies to grow their podcasts. His mini-course about podcasting is valuable and can serve as a guide.

8. Podnews

Podnews is another podcast website that serves as a daily update for those involved in podcasting. It will be helpful for hosting companies, creators, producers, and podcast listeners. Podnews was launched in 2017 by James Cridland and is a fast-developing source of information for podcasters. Their daily updates about the podcasting industry will keep you updated on everything happening in the global podcasting world. This podcast website will be a digestible way to stay in touch with the hot daily podcasting news.

9. The Podcasters’ Studio

One of the most engaging podcast websites is The Podcasters' Studio, run by podcast producer Ray Ortega. He also runs the Podcasters’ Roundtable, a podcast with discussions about the latest issues the podcasters face daily. You can learn more in his Podcast Quick Tips. This podcast website provides tutorials and articles on recording, publishing, editing, and promoting podcasts. You can also find helpful information about equipment reviews and videos. The content of this podcast website is reach and accessible that will guide you on how to start and host a show and will keep you informed about the hot podcast news. In this article, we listed the top podcast websites and blogs that will hopefully serve as a guide on everything concerning podcasting and will keep you updated on the latest news.

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