Top 9 eCommerce Podcasts to Listen in 2022

In this fast-paced world, Podcasts are some of the easiest ways to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. There are plenty of eCommerce podcasts available online for professionals easily accessible on the go.

In this article, I have covered the benefits of eCommerce podcasts along with some of the list of top ones you must consider listening to in 2022.

These podcasts cover the wide landscape of eCommerce; whether you are thinking about leveraging eCommerce marketing through SEO or brainstorming new ideas about your upcoming product launch, these podcasts will add some benefits to your businesses.

Podcasts are categorised into different formats considering its niche, content and ultimate purpose. They can be entertaining, informative, motivational, and so on. Provided below are the three most popular eCommerce podcast formats.

Interview & Conversational Podcasts

An Interview Podcast is hosted with a successful entrepreneur or a team who shares actional tips and reveals secrets through their success stories. The interview podcasts mainly focus on harnessing the ideas, tips, and viewpoints from the interviewee. The eCommerce interview podcasts help business owners get new business ideas, inspiration, and expert opinion.

On the other hand, conversational Podcasts refer to the open talks between the host and the guests. Unlike interview podcasts, conversational podcasts are informal that provide different viewpoints to the listeners.

Educational Podcast

As the name suggests, educational podcasts help listeners to learn new things and add value to them. Generally, they are hosted by experts in specific domains. The eCommerce educational podcasts are highly beneficial for startups, students, and avid learners.

Benefits of eCommerce Podcasts

Podcasts have evolved as some amazing ways to consume productive content on the go. The following points will help you better understand why you should listen to eCommerce podcasts in 2022:

  • The eCommerce Podcasts provide unbiased opinions from industry experts. They provide the small business owners with expert advice from the leaders that can further help them make clever decisions.
  • Podcasts can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Busy professionals can listen to the podcasts while doing other activities such as gym, exercise, driving.
  • The eCommerce landscape is ever-changing, and businesses must keep up with the latest trends to survive. Listening to Podcasts becomes an easy way to stay updated with the latest trends in eCommerce.

Top 9 eCommerce Podcasts to Listen in 2022

Finally, it's the time to list the nine best eCommerce podcasts that every eCommerce business owner must listen to in 2022.

The My Wife Quit Her Job - Steve Chou

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It is an interview podcast hosted by Steve Chou, where he interviews successful online business owners who left their jobs in the pursuit of their dreams. Steve is well-known for his expertise in digging down the success stories of the entrepreneurs and presenting them in a digestible format.

The Podcast is helpful for the eCommerce businesses at different levels, let it be the startups or already settled businesses.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Proven strategies used by successful eCommerce business owners.
  • Secrets to achieving eCommerce business success.

The eCommerce Fuel

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

The eCommerceFuel is a community of thousands of eCommerce business owners earning 6 & 7-figure income. The podcasts released by the eCommerce fuel are the essence of the collective knowledge of thousands of successful businesses in the community. They cast a wide range of Podcasts, including expert opinions, interviews, and general topics.

It is highly beneficial for the professionals working in the eCommerce industry at different levels. Let it be successful brand stories, optimization and marketing tips, or any other topic; they have covered everything.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Basic and advanced concepts of eCommerce.
  • Insider tips from a large community of eCommerce business owners.

Shopify Masters: The Shopify Podcast

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

It is the official Podcast by Shopify that interviews successful eCommerce business founders to share deep insights about what they have learned through their journey. The Podcasts feature real stories of successful entrepreneurs who share actionable tips and tricks for eCommerce.

The podcast is a helpful resource for everyone working in eCommerce.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Helpful resources and tips from successful eCommerce business founders.

2X eCommerce

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

Hosted by Kunle Campbell, the Podcast interviews experts in online retail businesses that focus on leveraging customer acquisition and scaling the business. The industry experts share strategies that have helped them double their revenue by leveraging marketing, conversions, and sales.

The 2x eCommerce Podcast houses plenty of useful tips and strategies for thriving eCommerce businesses.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Proven hacks to leverage the sales by 2 times.

Future Commerce Podcast

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

The Future Commerce Podcast is one of the leading eCommerce podcasts you must listen to in 2022. It is for those who are not just looking for quick tips to improve the conversions and sales; it is for the people that are looking to scale up their business through informative content and insights.

The podcast, hosted by Phillip Jackson and Brian, explores new trends, ideas, and strategies for the eCommerce businesses to help them succeed.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Latest trends in the eCommerce landscape and how you can harness their benefits.

eCommerce FastLane

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

Since 2016, eCommerce Fastlane has guided DTC brands, entrepreneurs, and online retailers using Shopify to take their business to the next level. It is one of the best eCommerce marketing and branding podcasts that you must listen to in 2022.

It is an inspiring and educational Podcast specially focused on Shopify users to help them improve, scale, and level up their business through deep conversations with the industry experts.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Tips to scale up the Shopify business.
  • Marketing and sales strategies used by the industry experts.

eCommerce Lifestyle

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

In this podcast, the host Anton Kraly, talks about a wide range of eCommerce topics and shares actionable tips and suggestions for the businesses. As the name suggests, it covers the ins and outs of the eCommerce businesses.

The entrepreneur leader shares informative strategies to help the eCommerce owners excel at doing business. The podcast also features in-depth information about the latest events and trends in the eCommerce landscape.

What You’ll Learn?

eCommerce Conversations

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

This podcast unveils the stories of successful eCommerce businesses. Hosted by Eric Bandholz, the podcast interviews leading entrepreneurs in eCommerce, which throws light on various aspects of online business.

It helps eCommerce business people learn new skills, manage the business effectively, and provides advice on various aspects of eCommerce.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Leadership, business management, and other eCommerce skills.

The Fizzle Show

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google Podcasts

Hosted by Corbett Barr, the Fizzle Show is the podcast every digital entrepreneur should listen to in 2022. It presents all the day-to-day life struggles of online entrepreneurs and gives deep insights into important aspects of running online business such as SEO and personal branding.

The Fizzle Show houses plenty of helpful resources for the eCommerce businesses. The episodes feature successful entrepreneurs that throw light on various aspects of a successful online business.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Common mistakes that young entrepreneurs make and solutions to avoid them.


‘Podcast’ has emerged as an innovative way to convey knowledge in the last decade. The eCommerce podcasts help newcomers in the industry to get the best pieces of advice from leaders.

Getting expert strategies, and opinions on the go is possible with Podcasts. There are plenty of highly-quality eCommerce Podcasts available in the market. Entrepreneurs, eCommerce startups, and online retail owners can harness its benefits to take their business to the next level.

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