Tips For Starting A Business Podcast

Business podcasts are there to create meaningful connections between listeners and brands. Whether you're just starting in podcasting or you're already an experienced podcaster looking to increase your engagement metrics with the ultimate goal of driving revenue, podcasting will give you great value for that purpose. Besides that, podcasting can have significant input in your brand-building efforts, and it's actually a great way to engage with your audience.
They are full of information, engaging, and convenient for listeners, which can be enjoyed just about anywhere. To add, podcasts require little effort to engage in since all the listeners have to do is to push "play" on their way to work, home, or wherever they are. People opt to pop on their favorite podcasts and binge a few episodes while in traffic. Moreover, more and more of your audience opts to choose mobile devices to consume media and information, adopting audio content has never been more important.  

Here are our tips on starting a business podcast from the get-go.

Podcast Content

Before getting to the point of naming your business podcast, you need to understand what exactly you want to talk about and clearly define what content you want to post about. Great content will always give value to your target audience, which will make your business podcast succeed. Since people are becoming fastidiously selective about the podcasts, you need to ensure that your content will keep your listeners coming back for each episode.

Target Audience

The next key thing is your target audience - who are you trying to reach?

Podcast audiences are extremely loyal. When listeners get used to consuming your content on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, they begin to develop a routine and a connection with the podcast host. But this can happen only if you get deep into knowing your target audience.

Podcast Name

After making sure you are clear about content and audience, you can think about the name of your business podcast. Naming your podcast can be intimidating. Maybe you've already come up with what your show structure will be, but it's hard to move forward unless you know what the perfect name is. It's important to note that you should choose clarity over cuteness and clarity over confusion when coming up with your business podcast name. The podcast name needs to reflect what's in the episode. So when you make a podcast name, you want it to be enticing and succinct.

Besides that, you also want to grab attention which you can do not only through artwork but also through words. Your podcast name shouldn't be more than three or four words because of two key points:

1. how it shows up when you're looking at it on Apple, Spotify or Google or whatever app it is,

2. you don't want to crowd that little tiny thumbnail that is part of the artwork and part of the naming of your podcast.

Another essential thing is choosing a name that is unique and includes common words that your audience uses when talking on that particular topic. Make a little research on Google to see if the name you want to use already exists and what common words your listeners use when talking to each other on that topic. So when you identify a couple of keywords to include in your podcast name, that will signal to your potential listeners and give your podcast a significant SEO bump.

Podcast Directories

One of the most important steps to push your podcast's reach up is to have your business podcast listed on as many podcasting directories as possible. The popular ones are Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn, and more.


Building an online community requires strategy, consistency, and work. But the rewards are far greater than the time you'll have to invest. As mentioned earlier, you should not be afraid to be specific about your ideal listener. With a lot of options, the more specific you are about what your community and your podcast have to offer, the faster you'll be able to grow.

Podcasts work to build a community around your brand and topic area that usually leads to a continued conversation on social media where they can interact with other fans and your brand. And it is through these conversations on social platforms that you can cultivate a community into loyal listeners. For the beginning, choosing one or two media platforms, you know your listeners prefer the most is the right strategy. This is important as you don't want to waste your time creating content for a platform you know your ideal listener is not active on. Only after growing your community on these platforms, switch to other ones you see you can get value from.

Guest Interviews

When starting a business podcast, consider having guest interviews, which in fact plays a significant role in increasing your podcast reach. And when choosing a guest, make sure to choose a quality reputable guest, whose audience and values are pretty similarly aligned with your own, which will allow you to have access to a group of people that might be interested in your topic and whom you just haven't had access to.

Being the one to offer your audience valuable information will raise the bar and challenge your competition. A business podcast gives you the platform to speak directly to your industry and share your unique knowledge and passion for a subject with your target audience. Developing useful content for your business podcast establishes a reputation of credibility for your podcast and positions you as the expert in the market.

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