The Fourth Wave, Or Why Podcasts Will Change The Ad Industry.

Pssst, we have some big news for your business. There is a new, super-efficient platform for your advertisements! Podcast advertising is here to reinvent your marketing techniques. If you are busy promoting a product or a service in the digital world, it’s quite likely that you are struggling with Facebook and Youtube advertisements, trying to correctly identify your target audience and distribute your content. And if that’s the case, then you’re missing out on a rather large audience of podcast listeners and a format that’s fresh and simply great for advertising purposes.

What is a podcast advertisement?

In the case of podcast ads, a podcaster advertises a product or a service during the episode. Unlike traditional radio advertising, this is usually done pretty seamlessly and organically fits with the rest of the episode’s content. Based on the placement of the ad, there are three main ways to advertise your product in a podcast:

-Pre-Roll: This is when the podcaster talks about your product at the beginning of the podcast.

- Mid-Roll: Here, the advertisement comes up in the middle of the podcast as a natural extension of the topic.

- Post-Roll: In this case the podcaster talks about the product or service near the end of the show

Let’s see why you should consider reaching out to your target audience through podcasts. No matter where you choose your podcast advertisement to be placed, it is going to sound way more authentic than in other promotional channels. However, that isn’t the only advantage of podcast advertising. Here are a few more to consider:

Better targeting

If you are targeting the youth with a decent income, then podcast advertisement is the perfect way to reach the latter demographics. Podcast industry reports have shown that most people listening to podcasts are Millennials and Gen Zers. The majority is aged 18-35 and have a yearly income of 50.000$ or more. They are also reported to spend at least 30$ on entertainment, 150$ on food, and 50$ on fashion attire monthly.

Better endorsements

The Podcast Consumer report has shown that 54 percent of podcast listeners are willing to buy the product or service advertised on the podcast. This is because people trust the advertised product more when there is the host of their favorite podcast series behind it. There is a range of psychological elements that makes this almost subliminal kind of advertising more convincing such as hearing the host’s own voice in a familiar setting.

Better concentration

A dedicated and perceptive fanbase is among the many advantages of podcasts. Whichever podcast audience it is, they are more attentive to your advertising because it is fully engulfed in the conversation or the given podcast content. Moreover, even if they decide to skip the advertisement, it will take a while to fast forward the podcast. So most of the time, listeners will have a hard time ignoring your ad.

For brands, artists, authors, bloggers, influencers and pretty much anyone in need of spreading the word, podcast ads are the perfect way of getting your target audience to truly engage with your advertisements instead of scrolling past them. Podcast ads are particularly great for startups that don’t have the millions to spend on traditional advertising. While placing an ad on the most popular podcasts can be quite expensive, standard podcast ad pricing is a true bargain. It will approximately cost you $1,500 to run a 15 to a 25-second pre-roll ad on a podcast that generates 100,000 listens.

In case the advertising model in podcasting sounds good to you, you will need to do some research before incorporating it into your marketing strategy. It’s important to identify the podcast shows that would be relevant to whatever you’d like to advertise. Their audience has to match your potential customers. Once you find multiple niche podcasts that fit the criteria, you have to prepare a pitch and reach out to the podcast hosts with a collaboration offer. Now, it’s important to acknowledge that you may hear more no’s than yes’s. Other than not being able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, some creators may simply not want to commit to being associated with your brand, product or image.

And when you finally do find fellow-thinkers that would love to cooperate, all that’s left to do is come up with a creative podcast ad.

In fact, if you consider podcast advertisements to be expensive, you can simply start your own branded podcast! With today's adaptive AI technology, it is easy to enter the podcasting industry even if it’s for the sole purpose of promoting your own business. There’s also no need to invest in podcasting gear!

You can do the latter both with the help of an entire podcasting team and on your own. To get started you need to pick from the podcast formats and come up with a topic that’s closely tied to your service and product. The next step is to find a free podcast creation tool and useful audio recording/editing software or an all-in-one platform in case of Podcastle. To keep your audience informed about each new podcast episode, it’s best to learn how to build an RSS feed for your show. Here's a full step-by-step tutorial beginner guide in case we got you thinking about how to start a podcast.

If you don't have much time, you don’t even have to do it yourself. You can simply use the text-to-podcast AI tool and convert your text to speech.

If following podcasting trends in monetization or finding a suitable podcast hosting service sounds like a hassle, let your advertising and sponsorship be managed by a podcast network. These networks are a collective of various active podcasts that are open to podcast sponsorships and are willing to collaborate with brands that have something to advertise. While how exactly to advertise on podcasts greatly depends on your product or service, if you want to keep up or even outrun your competitors you shouldn’t miss out on people who listen to podcasts. Considering the rapid development of the podcasting landscape this medium sounds like an irreplaceable catalyst in your brand’s growth.

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