The Fourth Wave, Or Why Podcasts Will Change The Ad Industry.

Pssst, we have some big news for your business. There is a new, super-efficient platform for your advertisements! Right now, you are probably struggling with FaceBook and Youtube advertisements, trying to find the perfect target audience.

But what if we told you that there is a way of getting your exact target to truly engage with your advertisements instead of making them scroll. You have guessed it right: it is the podcast advertisement!

In fact, if you consider podcast advertisements to be expensive, you can simply start your own podcast! With today's adaptive AI technology, it is easy to begin a podcast and promote your own business.

If you don't have much time, you can simply use the text-to-podcast AI tool and convert your text to speech. So simply find a podcast creation service and useful audio recording and editing tools to get started! Here's a full podcast beginner guide to get you covered!

Still, you can get a lot of revenue by placing your advertisement on an already famous podcast too. But before we talk about it, let's start with the basics.

What is a podcast advertisement?

A podcast advertisement is when the podcaster advertises a product or service during the episode. This is usually done pretty seamlessly, and it perfectly integrates with the overall content. There are three main ways to advertise your product in a podcast:

-Pre-Roll: This is when the podcaster talks about your product at the beginning of the podcast.
- Mid-Roll: Here, the advertisement comes up in the middle of the podcast as a natural extension of the topic
- Post-Roll: Finally here, the podcaster talks about the product or service near the end of the show

No matter where you choose your podcast advertisement to be placed, it will sound more authentic than the other advertisements.

Here are some of the advantages of podcast advertising to consider:

Better targeting

If you are targeting the youth with a decent income, then podcast advertisement is the perfect solution. The studies have shown that most of the podcast listeners are Millennials and Gen Zers. Most of the listeners are aged 18-35 and have a yearly income of 50.000$ or more. They are also known for spending at least 30$ on entertainment, 150$ on food, and 50$ on fashion pieces monthly.

Better endorsements

The Podcast Consumer report has shown that 54 percent of podcast listeners are willing to buy the product or service advertised on the podcast. This is because people trust the advertised product more when the host authentically talks about it in the podcast with his/her own voice.

Better concentration

Finally, the podcast listeners are more attentive to your advertising because it is fully integrated into the content. Moreover, even if they decide to skip the advertisement, it will take a while to fast forward the podcast. So most of the time, listeners do not have the choice of ignoring your ad. In fact, they seem to pay a lot of attention to it too.

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