Podcasts SEO: How to Improve Your Podcast Rank

If you’re trying to level up your Podcasts’ SEO and wondering how to improve your podcast rank, we’ve got good news. Search engine optimization is not as hard as it looks, so there really is no excuse to put off making your podcast SEO-friendly. Not to undermine this specialty; other than mastering the profession in the first place. It truly takes time and curiosity to stay on top of the everchanging Podcasts SEO trends but luckily, to figure out how to improve your podcast rank you don’t need to become a full-time specialist.

So here’s our full guide on Podcasts’ SEO and the ways to improve your podcast rank.

Give your podcast a home

Those browsing on the web are more likely to go on a website rather than get redirected to iTunes or Spotify. That’s why a simple user-friendly website with an embedded player will increase your traffic. It’s best to post each episode separately. Other than helping with link building, the latter will allow you to rank individual episodes. The more pages, the more opportunities for optimizing your podcast SEO strategy. Include descriptions, blog posts, or transcripts to accompany your episodes. You can also boost your podcast in organic search by posting internal links of your episodes on the streaming platforms. A little bit of content goes a long way when it comes to SEO.

Get ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are important when it comes to the visibility of podcasts in SERPs. Pick a time in the beginning or the end of your podcast to ask for your audience’s support and feedback. That’s one way to improve your podcast’s rating in directories. Most listeners wouldn’t mind rating a podcast episode that they’ve enjoyed or have something to say about. Asking your listeners to rate and subscribe is sooner or later going to become a part of your routine. However, try to sound genuine rather than robotic, when asking for the latter favor, otherwise, this message may be subconsciously neglected if it’s as generic as “Share, like, and subscribe.”

You can also create an additional incentive for your listeners to leave reviews such as shoutouts or gifts to the first three reviewers of the episode. While tactics like these aren’t always going to succeed, it’s useful to experiment and figure out what works best for your audience and your podcast. Other than making your podcast SEO-friendly, feedback on your work is important both for improvement and encouragement. There’s an entire podcast based on reviewing the reviews of the same podcast, so we bet there’s a lot you can learn from your reviews.

Quality backlinks do an amazing job when it comes to growing your audience and gaining access to a wider and more diverse audience. Invite guests, be a guest yourself, reference other creators and try to offer unique and timely insights as long as it fits your theme. You can even record interview episodes without having to meet up with your guests. Podcastle, other than being an extremely easy-to-use podcast audio editing software, is also a podcast recording platform. Feel free to use it for recording your remote interviews without having to move away from your screen.

If you refer to any creators in your podcast episode, make sure to mention them in the descriptions or any other content that goes along with the episode. This way they’ll be alerted which might result in a cross-promotion or some other sort of collaboration.

Use all of social media

There are a plethora of places to promote your podcast and you should make use of as many as possible. Despite being a predominantly visual content platform, Instagram offers a lot of great features and formats to market your podcast episodes. Reddit, Facebook, Discord may not be as convenient when it comes to recording or sharing audio content, however, they’re a great venue for building a community around your podcast brand.

Be patient and consistent

Don’t underestimate the potential of a consistent publishing schedule. This quite subtle technique is a great way to integrate your podcast into your audience’s routine. However, recording more frequently shouldn’t be done at the expense of worse production quality. The once-per-week interval is more than enough to keep your listeners engaged. And if you’d like to challenge yourself and/or your team to be more productive, be careful not to overwork yourself. Editing with an audio content creation platform such as Podcastle saves so much time, that you might as well experiment with your publishing patterns!

Get the cameras rolling

What’s the point of audio content if you make it into a video? Don’t get intimidated, you won’t need a full-fledged podcast studio. Tidying up your podcast setup will work just fine. You can cut up this footage with podcast editing software and make it into Reels, IG TV videos to further promote your episodes. Video podcasts have become quite popular on YouTube. Adapting your content for a platform with a huge user base has its obvious perks. By posting on YouTube you’ll also improve your podcast rankings as it will start showing up in Google Search through the Videos feed.

Make quality content

After all, creating engaging content for your podcast should be your priority. SEO tactics or advertisements are useless if you’re not putting effort into your podcast content. Making engaging content is a whole other topic, yet, there are a few basics to follow. Keep your intros and outros under 30 seconds. Be careful when using copyrighted music and whatever you end up choosing keep it to the minimum. No matter how good the track is, people are here to listen to you, and not the music.

It’s best if you have a script for your podcast. You can research keywords and optimize your content. Also, try to simplify the complex ideas and make your podcast episodes more comprehensible for your audience. If a script doesn’t really go with your format, an outline will still help you out a lot.

Now, with these tips in mind, go make some noise around your podcast!

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