Why You And Your Listeners Need a Podcast Transcription

Have you ever tried finding a podcast based on a quote from an episode you heard? It won't let you find the episode when you type it exactly as you heard it. If you can't find a relevant podcast, you quit and switch to something else eventually. If the podcast is transcribed, there would be no problem. Even the parts you remember could be easily found, along with what happened before or after it. Transcribing and highlighting episodes is just one of the benefits of making the podcast searchable. By enhancing podcast accessibility, more people are likely to discover them - and return for more. The Google bots cannot currently crawl audio, so it's up to podcast producers to create podcast transcriptions of each episode. Although transcriptions are only a minor part of podcast production, they have numerous benefits. Hence, transcription is a vital component of making podcasts searchable. Podcast transcription should be part of the post-production process if you want to get more listeners. Let's dig into each aspect of making your podcast searchable.

Transcribing podcasts boosts SEO
You are likely to host your podcast on a website with your name or your company's name. There are many ways to grow your audience, including word of mouth and reviews on iTunes. However, most of your listeners will find your podcast by searching for keywords or phrases related to your podcast. By making your podcast searchable and transcribed, you will attract more listeners. It is easier to gain more and more listeners if your podcast is searchable and transcribed.

Podcast transcriptions enable broader access to podcast content
The quality of your podcast may be incredible, but if you are not offering transcription services, you are neglecting a large number of potential listeners. Consider all the ways people can consume your podcast rather than limiting your audience. The audience may be consuming an episode at a frantic pace, even if they are not hard of hearing. The listener might be trying to tune in on a boisterous subway train while waiting for a flight or at a sporting event during a break in play. Providing your listeners with the option to read the episode dialogue and key takeaways, as well as hear the audio, will put your podcast one step ahead of those who have not considered making their episodes searchable. Podcasting today is dominated by audience-focused details like transcriptions, which could help you stand out from your competitors.

A transcribed podcast is more likely to be shared
Everyone wants things to be simple. One way to make your listeners' lives easier is to transcribe your podcast. Imagine you have a brilliant and groundbreaking idea in your latest podcast - one your audience will want to share with their network, showing they listen to smart, insightful episodes. In any case, your monologue will last approximately one minute. There's little chance anyone will take the time to type out your entire speech. Transcribing the episode for your listeners will make it easier to copy and paste the quote while sharing the episode. Making your podcast easy to use increases the likelihood of the audience sharing it. As a bonus, you're providing your audience with an abundance of interesting tidbits to share beyond just a link to the audio file.

Creating thought leadership with podcast transcriptions
Creating thought leadership in your area of focus is one of the significant advantages of podcasting. A listener knows he can tune into an episode about a topic he cares about and leave better informed, with a fresh outlook and valuable ideas for conversations. What if someone wants to reference what you have said?

Other thought leaders can quickly grab that content and disseminate it to their network by searching for the transcript associated with each episode. When someone links to your podcast, they can share an example of what listeners can expect from the content you present. A direct quote amplifies the impact of the recommendation. By making your podcast searchable, accessible, and easy to share, your new potential audience does not have to skim through each episode in search of pertinent insights as they can find them right away.

Ensure Your Podcast Is Properly Formatted by Transcriptions
With the widespread circulation of information and the easy re-use of ideas, you want to be sure your ideas are creditable. Someone repeating an idea they heard on your podcast without citing a source isn't always doing it deliberately. The amount of information we constantly encounter online makes it hard to identify where we first heard a statistic, concept, or quotation. Consequently, you will establish yourself as a credible source by providing transcriptions of podcast episodes, and you will prevent misquotes by allowing listeners to remember precisely what you said in an episode.

Using podcast transcriptions gives you access to more content

A podcast creates several benefits: thought leadership, links back to your site, and social engagement. Consider multiplying those benefits. Making your podcast searchable paves the way for additional content in the future.Maybe you're crafting a blog post and need the right quote to illustrate your point. Perhaps you're working on a white paper, and your most recent guest just gave you some astonishing statistics. Take some of the episode's best highlights and put them into striking social media graphics.
It is much faster to speak than to type. Thus, a 45-minute-long podcast episode could be transcribed into an equally captivating blog post. It leads to a highly engaging piece of content. The recording of your episode is just the beginning. By not making your podcasts searchable, you could potentially lose thousands of listeners. Transcribing your podcast can ensure that more people see your content.

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