Podcast Automation Tips and Tools

Podcasters are always looking for different ways to grow their audience. They want their listeners to return for every new episode. Podcasters need to constantly generate high-quality and engaging content to achieve it. They need tools that will help automate their processes so that podcasters can spend most of their time planning and content creation.

To understand what part of your workflow should be automated through podcast automation tools, you have to look at your entire podcast creation workflow. Basically, it can be broken down into these parts:

-- Pre-Production - overall planning
-- Production - recording
-- Post-Production - editing
-- Publishing - uploading your new episodes to your existing media platforms.
-- Promotion - marketing, including sharing your content to social channels, with sponsors and partners, etc.

So let's see which existing tools can help podcasters automate the above-mentioned workflow parts.

Trello & Asana

In the pre-production stage, management tools like Trello and Asana can be of great use. You can create and save your to-do things in the form of tasks or checklists into these tools. If you have a team in charge of different tasks, like content planning, guest pitching, interview scheduling and more, then you can give access to them as well and assign each task to your teammates. This will organize your to-dos into sequences and add value to your podcast automation efforts.


The Headliner is a must-have tool for any podcaster. It makes audiograms are animated graphics that display the audio waveform along with graphics, videos or captions. These are fun for social media and can be engaging getting eyes and ears on your show. Headliner comes with built-in ready-to-go templates using the Audiogram Wizard. If you hurry and want to create a video with a single image, then Audiogram Wizard is best for you. You can create short videos for promotions once you have a couple of main videos ready. If you want to do some over 10 minute long videos for Youtube, you can try the Full Episode Wizard. You can add your graphics, use your own color etc. With the advanced editor, you can add a lot more details.


Pics.io is a digital asset management (DAM) solution that can help you through the majority of workflow steps, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of growing your podcast. During the pre-production, you can use it as a drafting board and collaboratively choose the best visuals & designs for the current and upcoming podcast episodes. For marketing materials, smart versioning can help you pick and choose the best variants without having to look through folders with hundreds of revisions. And if you work with third parties, sharing lets you send uncompressed files quickly without compromising sensitive data. Finally, you can use it to store past episodes for collaborative reviews that help you decide areas that you can improve upon.


Descript also can be added to your podcast automation toolset. It is an audio and video editor tool that allows you to edit your episodes and videos like you would in a Word document. It also allows you to easily collaborate with other people on your team. You can make videos using the Overdeck feature and clone your voice in Descript. The feature you'll like the most is automatic transcription. Your editors can upload your clients' MP3 files to Descript, and after the episodes have been edited, Descript generates a transcript or it can repurpose it to show notes, blog posts, unique media captions and emails.


Canva is a graphic design tool and is one of the most used tools by podcasters. Your workflow will become much more manageable. You'll find ready-to-use templates for any imaginable design - podcast cover art, design for any social media platform, Youtube thumbnails, screens, channel art, presentations, website banners, graphics, animations, GIFs and more. Canva Pro also helps you customize your brand kit with colors and fonts. Another favorite feature for podcasters is the background remover. What Photoshop does in hours, Canva does in seconds. So make sure you use this in the podcast automation process.  

Creator Studio

Promoting your podcast on social media can be time-consuming. Facebook's Creator Studio makes it easy to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook. You can upload videos and pictures and reply to comments and track your stats to see how your posts are performing. And the best part is - the creator studio is free.

Tweet Composer

Like creator studio, Twitter's tweet composer allows you to schedule your tweets ahead of time. You can upload videos, audiograms, images, etc. And one of the favorite parts is when you add media to the tweet, it allows you to create a clickable card and include a headline for the card. This gives you a little more characters to work with.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public allows podcasters to do search listening and marketing research for your podcast episodes, blog posts, Youtube videos, etc. It's a must-have for podcast SEO. It works by compiling the auto-populate data from Google and giving you the trending keywords and phrases that people are typing into Google around the topic of your show. You can export results as a CSV file and import them into a table or easily past them into a spreadsheet.  

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is an automation tool that will help you grow your YouTube channel. It has many tools, but the main one is the Keyword Explorer. Tube Buddy is a Chrome extension and once it is installed, you will see it on your YouTube channel. Keyword Explorer helps podcasters find keywords and topics people search for on YouTube. It tells whether or not your channel will rank for those terms, which is insanely valuable, as you'll find the right way to title your videos that will make your videos show up on the first page of the search result on YouTube. And since YouTube is the second most popular search, this is an incredibly powerful and real game-changer for content creators and podcasters. There are a lot more other tools as well you can use for your podcast automation. Take the ones included in our list and those you know, put in your workflow and you'll see faster and easier results with your content.

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