New Cool Podcast Additions to Your Playlist

If you are a fan of podcasts, you probably have a list of favorite podcasters that you religiously follow. But what if we told you that there are several top podcasters out there that you may not have heard of yet? Bet you’ll love their shows! Whether you are interested in business, technology, or want to listen to a good story, the listed top podcasters will not disappoint you. Why not give them a try?

Note: Below, you’ll find our favorite shows in no particular order!

Creator Club | Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

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If you are looking for a podcast about social media marketing and content creation, look no further than Creator Club. The podcast is hosted by the leading content creators who share their tips and tricks on being successful in the online world.

In fact, Creator Club is a podcast recorded as a workshop. So, if you are looking to learn more about social media marketing and content creation, this is a nice pick! It's also an excellent choice for podcast producers and marketing enthusiasts working on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok projects.

Glow Up with G: Personal Development & Mindset Growth

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Glow Up with G is a podcast about personal development and mindset growth. It is designed for everyone looking for motivation, determination, and focus. Tune in as Gaby Dunn interviews a wide range of guests from all walks of life to explore how they overcame adversity and achieved success. The inspiring podcast will leave you motivated to take on whatever challenges come your way!

Self Talk Show

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The Self Talk Show is a podcast about self-love, healing, and growth. Hosted by Ashley James, the show explores how to change your relationship with yourself and live a more joyful life. Ashley interviews guests who are experts in personal development, growth, and the so-called amour-propre.

She also shares her own experiences and journey to help others on a similar path. The Self Talk Show is perfect for anyone looking for guidance and support on their journey of self-discovery.

Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman

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Isaac Mashman is the host of Chase the Vision, a podcast about creative entrepreneurship. The podcast mainly covers topics from business, branding, and self-development. Learn the basics of overcoming procrastination— trust us, you won't regret it. The show helps entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and motivation they need to succeed.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or creative looking for inspiration, add Chase the Vision to your playlist. Become part of interviews with successful businessmen and artists to learn their stories and get actionable advice.

Feisworld Podcast

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The Feisworld Podcast is all about creativeness, independence, and financial freedom. Hosted by Fei Wu, the show explores different aspects of life through conversations with vibrant people worldwide. Fei aims to help her listeners learn more about unsung heroes and the self-made artists left unappreciated.

Are you planning to create a microbusiness but don't know where to start? Fei interviewed Elaine Pofeldt to answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic. Pofeldt is a journalist, author, and consultant specializing in microbusinesses. She has been quoted as an expert on entrepreneurship by top media outlets such as Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, etc. The Feisworld Podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world beyond their comfort zone.

GlobalGaz Podcast

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The GlobalGaz Podcast is a show hosted by Ric Gazarian, a travel and culture enthusiast determined to travel to all 193 UN countries. Ric interviews locals in each country to get an inside look at the culture and unique way of life. He also shares his own experiences and observations as he travels the world.

The GlobalGaz Podcast is perfect for anyone who loves to travel or wants to learn more about different cultures. Ric's primary goal is to help travelers visit places that are less treated as touristic locations. Tune in as he shares his insight into traveling through countries like Afghanistan, Alegria, and Pakistan.

Meet the Revolution

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Are you looking for people with a fresher perspective, a bunch of innovative thoughts and a revolutionary mind? Meet Sepouh Abrahamian, a vivid representative of top podcasters who produces the Meet the Revolution podcast. The show is all about creativity, change-makers, and new visions. You will be inspired by incredible stories of people making a difference in the world through their work. It's time to add Meet the Revolution to your playlist if you are looking for motivation and inspiration!

What Does Unite These Top Podcasters?

So, here's a tricky question. What do the listed podcasters have in common? And why should you start listening to them? Well, here are a few ways the listed top podcasters are similar to each other. First, they all focus on important topics for entrepreneurs, creatives, and independent professionals. But the most remarkable thing is they are all using to record their episodes!

Podcastle is a powerful podcasting tool that makes it easy to record, edit, and publish your podcast. With Podcastlei, you can easily add music, sound effects, and other audio enhancements to make your podcast sounds professional. And best of all, it's free! So if you're looking for a top-quality podcasting tool, be sure to check it out.What are you waiting for? These top podcasters should be on your radar and added to your playlist now! Whether you are looking for inspiration or actionable advice, there is a podcast on this list for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these top podcasters!

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