How to Use a Podcast Soundboard

Creating a podcast includes juggling a lot of moving parts, like sound effects, music, etc. And if you want to sound professional and engage an audience, you should use a podcast soundboard which makes it possible for you to include sound effects, music, and more in your podcast while you are recording. Even if you have the most attractive voice in the world, adding a few bars of a musical theme or a little sound effect can help to break things up and amp up your show. Though you can add them later, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to play individual sounds during the recording session itself. Many producers prefer to use podcast soundboards while recording. With multiple sound effects, sound bites, and music at hand, you can quickly add sounds at just the right time in your recordings. Podcast soundboard allows you to effortlessly integrate media into your podcast, which will limit the amount of post-production work that needs to be done.

Advantages of Using Podcast Soundboard

  1. Having all the sound cues loaded up beforehand, podcast producers can react in real-time and become active players in their show's recording. As the host switches to a new topic, the producer can easily find and play the right sound effect or music for the segment.
  2. Another great thing about podcast soundboard is that it keeps all of your most important sound effects at hand, eliminating the need to look for sound clips mid-recording.
  3. You can also use sound effects as transitions between different conversation points to keep your listeners engaged. This way, you can split some parts of your recording; otherwise, your audience may hear a sharp jump cut between two pieces of dialogue. Others may not notice that the topic has changed; this will leave them confused while listening to a continuous stream of conversation. Think of creative ways to split up your dialogue using transitional sound effects and make it more organized for your listeners.

Some of the Best Podcast Soundboards

You might want to splice in some new fun sounds into your show and might be wondering where to get them and how to add them to your podcast. Particularly, you might be looking for some cheap or free high-quality sound effects that won't carry the risk of copyright infringement. Luckily, you can find many websites on the internet with downloadable and already-integrated sound effects. Here are some options for you! - the browser-based audio and video recording platform has an integrated library with sound effects and music that you can add to your podcasts while recording them. Just pick from the list of available options or upgrade your package and access more choices.

Soundboard Studio - this standalone soundboard is an iOS app optimized for mobile and tablet use. It is ideal for adding music, sound effects, soundbites, etc. The app is not integrated with any recording software, so you'll have to connect your computer up to a mixer to include it in your podcasting setup.

Freesound - The most popular sound effects database on the internet. It's a huge collaborative resource for anyone who wants to upload their own recorded clips and make them available for use. It's a nice place to start if you're quickly looking for a simple sound effect for your show.

How to Use a Podcast Soundboard

A podcast soundboard is essential in the podcast production process. If you're collecting media from several sources, first, you can keep everything to a specific file on your PC or a folder on Dropbox or Google Drive. This way, you will be able to upload your media to your soundboard in bulk. Now, while you're recording your podcast, you can use any audio clips you imported into the soundboard. After you've adjusted levels and made the necessary cuts or edits, you'll be ready to share your podcast with the world.


Including sound effects, music, or video into your podcast while it's being recorded will save you time, simplify your workflow and quickly increase the production value. Podcastle has a selection of ready-to-use music and sound effects for you, but you may also add your own.

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