How to Remove Background Noise from Your Podcast

While recording, the surrounding noise can have a serious impact on the quality of your show; and because you mostly have no control on it, it's important to have all the necessary tools and techniques at hand to remove background noise from your podcast and make your audio flawless and sound good. If you record a podcast at home, traffic, animals, air conditioners, and people chatting outside can definitely get in your recording, adding a lot of unnecessary noise and requiring a lot of additional editing. Knowing how to remove background noise from your podcast recordings can benefit you a lot. Since background noise and frequent interruptions can be irritating and unprofessional for your listeners, they might start seeking out other podcasts for better quality, so eliminating the unwanted noise will help you prevent that. We know that creators don't want anything that might take the audience’s attention away from the message and concepts they're trying to convey. It's actually difficult enough to express them. Luckily, Podcastle has some tips that you can use before and after recording to remove background noise from your podcast and maintain the focus on you.

How to Avoid Background Noise

Although background noise can be minimized or removed through editing, there are techniques you can do to eliminate it entirely. Preventing background noise is the best way to deal with it. These tips can help you avoid the necessity for noise reduction and cut down on the amount of time you spend editing.

1. Create and Optimize Your Podcast Recording Space

The place which you choose to record your podcast is the most important factor in its quality. Choose a quiet, compact spot away from distracting noises, using some curtains and other natural sound absorbers to prevent reverb and improve the tone in the room.

2. Use A Dynamic Mic Instead Of A Condenser Mic

Picking the appropriate mic can make a significant difference in how much cleaning up you’ll have to do while editing your podcast. Dynamic mics are the best option for podcasting. Without a doubt, condenser mics provide flawless sound, but  they also pick up everything. So, dynamic microphones are a perfect pick as they tend to pick up a narrower range of sounds in both frequency and amplitude.

3. Get Close To Your Mic

Turn down your mic's sensitivity and get close. Speaking directly allows your mic focus on picking up the frequency of your voice. This way, it is the loudest sound that mutes everything else. It will allow you to record top-notch source material and reduce background noise in your podcast.Turn down your mic's sensitivity and get close. Speaking directly allows your mic focus on picking up the frequency of your voice. This way it is the loudest sound that drowns everything else out.

4. Put the Mic Away From Your Computer to Minimize the Fan Noise

Computers do make a lot of noise when they get hot, even though you probably don’t consciously hear your computer’s fan all day because your brain blocks it out. To help mitigate the sound of your computer, you can get a long cable for microphone and sit with your mic across the room from your computer. Some podcasters also prefer to put a soft barrier between their mic and the computer. Reflection shield surrounding your mic might be a good option.

5. Play Some Background Music

If you can't remove all of the background noise from your podcast recording, and can't do it during editing either, adding some light background music to your audio might save the situation. This will help cover background noise and can be quite enjoyable for your listeners.

Remove Podcast Background Noise with Podcastle

Have you done your best to eliminate background noise but the sounds of passing cars, the neighbor's TV or birds chirping got their way into your audio anyway? Fortunately, it's still possible to fix things in post-production. There are a variety of audio and video editing software options available nowadays. Most of them include some sort of background noise removal tool. Podcastle’s your best assistant in removing background noise! It offers tools that will help you create a clean, well-organized podcast, as well as edit it professionally and thoroughly.

Use Some Podcastle Magic

Podcastle's “Magic Dust” will help you remove all the background noise from your podcast and make your audio sound like a professionally post-processed audio file. It automatically isolates your voice and improves the speech by removing the unwanted noises and using an equalizer.


It's always better to get a clean recording sound with less background audio noise than removing it later. However, if your podcast happens to get a noise in it, you can use the tips above to eliminate or remove podcast background noise.

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