#1 Recording Software for Podcasters: How to Record Your Show with Podcastle

Podcasting is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, but if you're not using the right recording software, it can be a lot harder than it needs to be. In this article, we'll show you how to use Podcastle, one of the best podcast recording software options out there to record high-quality podcasts! So let's waste no more time and get straight into it.

What Software is Best for Recording?

What is the easiest recording software?  If you’re looking for beginner-friendly and high quality recording software, then you definitely need to check out Podcastle. Here are a couple of Podcastle’s features that make it the best audio recording software out there.

Easy-to-use interface

Podcastle is simple and very intuitive—you can instantly figure out how it works.Unlike some of the complicated recording software out there, Podcastle can be used by anyone: beginners and professionals alike.

High-resolution recordings

Podcastle allows you to have HD audio without investing a penny in recording equipment or set up. With our recording software, you don’t need to have a studio to get a studio-sounding podcast. All you really need is your laptop and an internet connection. We’ll help you sound professional without much effort from your side.

Remote recording feature

Our audio recording software is known for its remote recording capabilities. You can record remote podcast interviews from anywhere with anyone, and still sound like both of you are in the same studio! The best part is that each of the interview participants will be recorded with a separate track, to help you enjoy the multitrack editing experience to the fullest later on!

In short, the easiest way to record a podcast is with Podcastle. It is also one of the most affordable ways to do it! Podcastle offers different pricing plans, with free and paid solutions, so you’re sure to find one that matches your specific project needs.

How to Start Recording a Podcast with Podcastle

So how do you actually use Podcastle? Here is a full, step by step guide on how to start recording audio with Podcastle.

1.Sign up to Podcastle
First of all, of course, you’ll need to have an account at Podcastle. Head to Podcastle.ai and click on the Get Started button. You can sign up to Podcastle using your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts, or via your email and password. If you’re already signed up, simply log into your existing Podcastle account.

Create an account

2. Create a new project
Now that you’re in your account dashboard, it’s time to create your first project! How to create a new project? It’s pretty simple. At this point, as you’re new to Podcastle, your dashboard will be empty. Notice the Create button in the middle of it? Simply click on it and it will lead you to your first project.

Empty dashboard

3. Record your audio
From here, choose the Record Audio option, or simply click on the red recording button below. In case you need it, the shortcut to start recording in Podcastle is Shift+R. From here, you can simply need to choose your inputs, and click Start Recording.

Recording Settings

4. Clean up your recording
Once you’re done with your recording, a pop-up window will show up with suggestions on how you can improve your audio. It’s like your personal audio assistant telling you which aspects of your recording can be enhanced and how. Go over through the suggestions, and apply all of those you agree with. If everything is corrected, you’ll have a message telling you that all the necessary adjustments were successfully made and your audio sounds good!

Audio assistant feature

How to Record Remote Interviews with Podcastle

How to record with guests on the web platform? If you’re following the interview podcasting format and need to record interviews with podcast guests or co hosts using Podcastle, you can try Podcastle’s remote interview feature. Here is a guide on how to use it:

1) Create an interview
To start your first remote interview, go back to your project dashboard and select Schedule from the left menu. Once there, select Schedule new recording. Here you can schedule your next remote interview and send invitations to your guests or co-hosts! You can have your interview in both video and audio formats, or go with the only audio option. Fill in the details and click Schedule. You can also turn off the schedule option and start your recording right away, by choosing Enter Studio.

Schedule option

Send an invite
No invite, interview

2) Set up your audio and video
You have a couple of setups to take care of when recording your remote interview. If you want to record a video interview, choose which camera input you want to have. For the audio, you have the microphone and speaker inputs to choose from. Once you set it all up, copy and paste the studio link and send it to your interview participants. Click Continue to start recording.

Set up options, interview

3) Have fun recording your interview!
Once your guests show up, they will appear in your studio and you can start recording your first interview episode! When the recording is done, our recording software will save each of the interview participants’ voices with a separate audio track in the project so that you can edit it easier later on.

Studio for the interview, no guests joined

FAQ for Podcastle

What browser should I use with Podcastle?
For the best use of Podcastle, try to use the Chrome browser.

Can I stop recording and continue to record it later?
Of course! You can stop at any time, and then come back and record another audio track in the same project.

How to share my screen during recording?
To share your screen during the remote interviews, click on the screen icon from the below menu, once you’re in your remote recording studio. From here, you can choose whether you want to share your entire screen, just one window or a Chrome tab.

Final Thoughts

Everything you need to start recording a podcast is just a laptop and Podcastle. With our recording software, producing HD-sounding podcast episodes is easy and effortless. Just head to podcastle.ai and try it yourself.

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