Best Practices: How To Craft Impactful Podcast Interview Questions?

Good podcast interview questions always lead to engaging episodes that the listeners can’t get enough of. But how do you define what is a good question?

Some questions hit hard, making us rethink our entire lives and becoming a cause for big changes. Those questions may come from anywhere: an intimate evening chat, a job interview, or just a random conversation with a stranger. These are the ones that should be turned into podcast interview questions.

If you include truly impactful podcast interview questions to your show, you’ll make it hard for your listeners to leave. But the thing is, you are the one responsible for igniting deep conversations, as you are the show’s host.

So, how do you craft good podcast interview questions?

This is what we’re going to explore in the article, so stick by. Let’s come up with the best podcast interview questions that could change the flow of your show!

First, let’s take a look at

3 simple steps to come up with great podcast interview questions

1) Do some research

No matter what your task is, doing some research never hurts. And when you want to come up with some great podcast ideas, research is a must.

But many people get scared from the word itself; research reminds them of nerdy academics spending their Friday nights in the libraries and reading old dusty tomes.

Well, if it actually sounds exciting to you, you can do that too. Inspiration for great questions can come from anywhere, and reading a couple of classics certainly won’t harm.

However, research can be much more fun. What you’re doing right now, skimming through this blog, is already research, so nice job! Research also includes listening to other similar podcasts and finding inspiration from the other hosts.

You can also look through a list of good questions to ask a guest.

Of course, we don’t mean to say that you should copy everything you like. No, that would be plain plagiarism. Instead, simply get inspired and think about your own great podcast interview questions.

2) Learn about your guest

Once you’re done browsing the internet, reading books, or doing any other kind of research, it’s time to focus on your case. What does this mean? It means you need to start thinking about your guest.

Who is the person that you’re interviewing? Has he done other public interviews before, or are you the first to introduce him to the public? If he is a public figure, make sure not to bore him with questions that he has already answered many times.

Also, try to understand what his interests are and ask questions accordingly. If you feel like he is passionate about a specific topic, it’s best to question him about that and watch him speak with pleasure and enthusiasm.

3) Sleep on it

After you come up with your podcast interview questions, think them over for at least a day.

You might look at those questions the day after and come up with even more brilliant ideas. Or even if you’ve done your research, analyzed your guest but couldn’t come up with questions, give it some time. The ideas might come out of nowhere; you simply need to wait for a while.

Bonus tip:

4) Find a good podcast interview software

Once you’ve decided what questions you’re going to ask during the interview, make sure to not let poor audio quality or low Internet connection overshadow them.

If you have a studio, and your guest is actually able to come over during the interview day, then there’s only one thing we can say: you’re pretty lucky.

However, most of the time, our guest is miles away, and there is no way we can ensure that the quality from his side is good enough. Or even if it’s good: it still may differ from ours. So what do you do?

Well, you need to find a web-based podcast interview software that would allow you to record remote interviews. Here’s when Podcastle comes in with its online interview recording tool.

With Podcastle, it is pretty easy to get high-quality audio for both you and your guest, and all you need is an Internet connection. Our audio content creation platform even records your remote interviews in separate tracks, making your editing way easier. As it is Cloud-based, you don’t need to worry about the Internet connection either, as all your changes will be saved automatically.

And if you want to add some fun parts to your interview, you can also use the text-to-speech converter and spice up your audio with AI voice skins.

Of course,

Having good software is essential to make sure all the technical aspects are clean. However, your content is what matters the most. Finding those one-of-a-kind interview questions is what will make your show impressive.

So, try to ask questions that will leave your audience awake at night, remembering your show and pondering about those questions themselves.

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