5 Simple Ways: How To Build A Community Around Your Podcast & How To Grow Your Audience Effectively.

Expecting things to happen fast? We’re all there every once in a while. Now, imagine you start your first podcast looking forward to getting reactions and feedback on the hard work that you’ve put in to release your first-born podcast episode.  However, people who’ll listen to your content and share their impressions about it won’t appear out of the blue. Well, most of the time they won’t. Building a devoted podcast audience can actually take quite a while. Cheer up, though, as that’s the only part about this article that can potentially upset you. We’re planning to spend the rest of your time-sharing advice that will hopefully help you grow a great podcasting community around you. It’s quite a challenge, yet, there are some simple ways you can get there faster using your podcast audience data in smart and effective ways.

Upload to directories

Once you have figured out how to record a podcast and created a minimal amount of quality content, it’s time to get it out there. One of the essential steps you should take is uploading your podcast to different directories. The most obvious choice is Apple Podcasts, but there are a bunch of others to consider such as Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and the list goes on. This is where the target audience for podcasts is; these people have come here for the sole reason to consume audio content. Now that you know where your podcasts belong, the next thing you need to do is make sure that it captures the attention of everyone scrolling by.

Pay attention to the timing

Don’t publish your podcast whenever you feel like doing so. Treat it the same way you do a photo which you’re carefully choosing when to post on Facebook or Instagram. You should figure out the strategic times that work best for your podcast listeners. When making the latter decision take into consideration the duration and the theme of your podcast as well as any data that you can gather. It could be the late evening hours when your listeners are resting. Or would you prefer them to engage with your podcast on their way to work or during the lunch break? Try to understand the motivation behind your audience’s potential desire to listen to your new podcast episode and publish accordingly. Also, make sure you promote your podcast by sharing it on various social media platforms. Other than marketing your content on Facebook such platforms are home to podcaster support groups and podcast communities that harbor a plethora of networking and collaboration opportunities. So, boost your podcast audience and kill two birds with one stone while at it.

Find Influencers

Another way to promote your podcast is to find influencers that will be of interest to your podcast audience demographics and try to cooperate. For instance, if you are talking about skincare and beauty routines, you can easily find popular influencers on Instagram that may be interested in sharing your content. You can reach out to them with a paid sponsorship offer, cross-promote or invite them to your podcast as a guest. This way, you will potentially increase your podcast audience by getting exposure among other communities.

Invite guests and, why not, be the guest

Be our guest, be our guest! Remember that song from “The Beauty and the Beast”? Great, because that is how you shouldn’t invite potential guests to your podcast. Inviting experts in the field and introducing diverse perspectives into your show helps you make more engaging content. It will also help you to grow your podcast audience. And the larger the audience, the more opportunities to monetize your podcast.

Another piece of advice is to go as a guest yourself to another podcast. This way, you can present yourself and your show to an entirely new audience of a fellow creator. As a result you will network, get some of their listeners curious enough to check you out and maybe even gain fresh podcast episode ideas. No matter if you are the guest or inviting one, try to find people from a relevant niche to make sure their audience is interested in your topic. You can also pitch yourself in Facebook groups as an alternative.

Join a podcasting network

If you’d like at least some of the things to be taken care of for you, you may consider delegating some of your work to podcasting experts. By joining a podcast network you’ll make your content more accessible to advertisers and reach bigger audiences. However, such perks come with a price such as creative control and revenue sharing. Growing your podcast audience this way might take you a little bit of extra effort as podcast networks also put forward their own requirements. Yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it.

Make quality content

In the end, after all the successful marketing and promotional efforts, your listener will finally listen to your podcast. And if it’s not good, then it’s highly unlikely that a marketing trick will fix it. If you don’t offer informative content, your existing listeners will slowly drift away, and the potential ones won’t convert into a loyal audience. So, try to create a podcast that listeners will have a reason and a desire to come back to.

Other than focusing on the content, you should also focus on the podcast recording process. While renting a podcast studio isn’t a must, you should pick a podcast recording and editing software that will ensure the flow of your show and make sure no technicalities hold you back from getting your message across. Luckily, there is no scarcity of free podcast creation platforms and with one like Podcastle, getting studio-quality audio won’t be a hassle. So while you’re thinking how to expand your podcast audience, let your initial motivation guide you. It most likely was sharing your amazing ideas with the world and that’s exactly what can make your podcast stand out. So while you’re incorporating this guide into your marketing strategy, make sure that your spark and authenticity are following along.

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