5 Simple Ways: How To Build A Community Around Your Podcast & How To Grow Your Audience Effectively.

We have all been there. You start your podcast excitedly and imagine how you’ll immediately boom the market and get thousands of new listeners. We are sorry to upset you but things don't work like that. You might need months to build and grow a devoted community around your podcast. Still, there are some simple ways you can get there faster, and we will mention a few of them.

Make Great Content

Let’s admit it. Even if a bottle of juice has the most eye-catching packaging, you will not buy it the second time if it tastes bad. The same goes for podcasts. If you don’t offer informative content, listeners will slowly unfollow you, and the marketing will not save it. So, try to create a unique podcast that listeners will want to come back to all the time.

Upload to directories

Once you have created a quality podcast, it’s time to get it out there. One of the essential steps you should take is uploading your podcast to different directories. The most obvious choice is the Apple Podcasts, the podcast app for iOS. But there are a bunch of others to consider. Here are a few names: Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and so on.

Pay attention to the timing

Don’t publish your podcast whenever you feel like doing so. Publishing a podcast is just as important as publishing a new post on Facebook or Instagram. You should figure out the strategic times that work best for your podcasts. Is it in the late evening hours, when your listeners are resting? Or do you want them to engage with your podcast during the lunch break? Try to understand the time your listener will most likely be eager to hear your new episode and publish accordingly. Also, make sure you promote your podcast by sharing it on social media.

Find Influencers

Another way to promote your podcast is to find famous influencers in the field and ask them to do so. For instance, if you are talking about skincare and beauty routines, you can easily find popular influencers on Instagram who might be interested in sharing your content. You can ask them for paid sponsorship or even cooperate with them by inviting them to your podcast as a guest. This way, you will get their social media followers who are your potential podcast listeners interested.

Invite guests and be the guest

Be our guest, be our guest! Remember that song from “The Beauty and the Beast”? Great, because that is how you should invite potential guests to your podcast. We have already talked in our previous article inviting experts in the field helps you to make more engaging content. The truth is, it will also help you to grow your audience.

Another piece of advice is to go as a guest yourself to another podcast. This way, you can introduce your content to the already built-up audience of your colleague. In the end, you will get some of their listeners curious enough to check you out.

No matter if you are being the guest or inviting one, try to find people from the same niche you are working in to make sure their audience is interested in your topic. You can also pitch yourself in Facebook groups as an alternative.

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