Creating Podcasting Stations for Enjoyable Listening

If you're a podcast enthusiast you're probably always looking for ways to improve your podcast listening experience. Keeping track of all the episodes of all the different podcasts you're following can be downright daunting. One way to manage the content is to create podcasting stations on your iOS device. These are like iTunes and Apple Music playlists, except that they are intended specifically for podcasts. Today's guide will help you set up podcasting stations for an enjoyable time listening to your favorite shows!

What Is a Podcasting Station?

You've probably used a playlist on iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify before. A podcasting station is very similar, except it's a collection of podcasts instead of songs. Users can have as many podcasts in a station as they want. Creating multiple podcasting stations is also possible, which can be useful if you want to group smaller collections. For example, you may want to create a podcasting station for your favorite comedies, or one dedicated to news and current affairs. Podcasting stations are a great way to organize your podcast content and listen to all downloaded episodes without interruptions.

Synchronizing podcasting stations between devices will also allow you to access your stations from any of your devices easily. If you have an iPhone, iPad and macOS, you can access your podcasting stations on any of these devices without having to recreate them.

Creating a Podcasting Station on iOS and macOS

Creating podcasting stations will ensure you never miss an episode of your favorite podcast and make it easier to access. Here's how you can create podcasting stations on iOS and macOS devices. The steps described below also work on iPadOS.

Step #1: Launch the Podcasts app
Step #2: Open the Library
Step #3: Find the Edit button in the upper-right corner, then select the New Station option
Step #4: You will be asked to type a name for your station and save it for accessing later
Step #5: Once you edit the settings, click on the Choose Podcasts option
Step #6: You can either select individual shows or opt for Include All Podcasts to have all your shows in one station
Step #7: Edit settings to each podcast included in the station if required
Step #8: Tap Back and enjoy your listening!

Managing a Podcasting Station With a Few Clicks

Once you've created a station, there are various options to edit and configure the way a station works. Here's where the podcasting station settings appear for different devices:

iOS and iPadOS: Find the settings by clicking the station and the Edit button
macOS: Find the settings by right-clicking the station
tvOS: Find the settings by opening the station and selecting the More button in the upper-right corner

As a user you can adjust  station settings in many ways! For example, you can:
- Add and remove podcasts from a podcasting station: You can add or remove podcasts from a station by opening the station and selecting or deselecting the podcasts you want to add/remove.
- Reorder podcasting station: Like with a playlist, you can reorder the podcasting station by dragging and dropping podcast episodes.
- Set podcast playback order: You can first set the station to play the most recent or oldest episodes.
- Delete podcasting station: Delete an entire podcasting station by opening it and selecting the "Delete Station" option.

Playing a Podcasting Station

Podcasting stations are a great way to keep your podcast content organized and ensure you never miss an episode of your favorite show. Creating podcasting stations on iOS and macOS devices is simple and easy with the steps mentioned above. Playing a station is even easier!
Once everything is set up, choose a station from your library. The episodes will start playing in the order you've set them. Don't forget to use the advanced settings to customize your playback experience.

Deleting a Station

You can delete podcasting stations by opening them and selecting the "Delete Station" option. This will delete the station from your device and any other synchronized devices.

Why Is Creating Podcasting Stations Important?

Keeping all audio and video content organized helps boost productivity. This is especially true when it comes to podcasting stations. Creating podcasting stations help you:

-  Catch up on the most recent episodes and never miss an update
-  Stay on top of podcast content by reordering and editing stations
- Access podcasts from any synchronized device and have a smooth listening experience regardless of where you are

Creating podcasting stations on iOS and macOS devices is simple and easy. Playing a station is even easier! Moreover, podcasting stations provide users with various options to edit and configure the ways stations work.

Pro Solutions for Listeners

Finding a perfect show can become a real headache for people with a hectic lifestyle. So, here are a few detailed and well-structured listicles to help you find the best podcasts to add to your podcasting stations:

2022'2 Top Podcasts: Beyond the Obvious Favorites
Top 10 Art Podcasts for Art Lovers
Best Podcasts for Bloggers
The Best Video Podcasts to Make You Motivated (That's right! You can also add video podcasts to your stations!)
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Fashion Podcasts for Style Lovers

Pro Solutions for Creators

Of course, collecting all favorite shows on podcasting stations is only one part of the story. But if you're a podcaster yourself, creating top-notch content is your number one priority. Otherwise, your listeners won't want to come back for more and save your future episodes on their stations.

Podcastle offers end-to-end podcasting solutions to help you create, distribute, and monetize your show.

Creators can upscale their podcasting game with:
- Podcast production and editing tools for high-quality content
- Professional AI-powered revoice services
- Silence remover and audio enhancing tools to make podcasts sound great as if they were recorded in a professional studio...and much more!

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