Best Project Management Podcasts Every PM Should Follow in 2022

It is evident that podcasts are conquering the world. Podcasts are becoming the most flexible media to get knowledge on a preferred topic in a short and suitable time for you. Podcasts remind us about our love radio, which was already forgotten, but fortunately, you can choose what to listen to and when. People listen to podcasts in their vehicles, walking around and at home during their daily work.

At the same time, project and program management also develop and enlarge. As all modern tech and IT fields are growing very fast and change hourly, you should keep up with the latest news and trends as a project manager. The role of the Project Manager is immense, even if the project is small or the team consists of the best developers, designers, and other professionals because all processes should be conducted in the right and in a professional way.

So, project management podcasts are a perfect platform for listening to different experts, gaining valuable advice, learning the latest news, and enhancing your skills and techniques. These podcasts will be helpful for project managers, who want to expand their knowledge and improve their level, or those who intend to start their career in this demanded profession. Listening to these podcasts, you will dive deep into topics like risk management, leadership, client management, and much more.

To help you with your searching, the Podcastle team has rounded up some of the top project management podcasts every PM might listen to.

1. Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast is intended for both experts and beginners. The podcast host Cornelius Fichtner has interviews with different project managers worldwide and goes deep into each topic. It is a perfect solution for PMs searching for helpful tips and strategies to manage successfully and lead their projects. This project management podcast comes up every week. The listeners can learn a lot and apply those tips to their projects. The subscriber can get 60 free PDUs for their PMP renewal.

2. Projectified

Projectified is another top-rated project management podcast that will be very helpful for all PMI followers. It comes from the Project Management Institute. Listening to this podcast, you will have a wide range of progressive and lively topics, including insights from rising and senior PMs, business leaders and multiple companies, and more. The episodes are featured with topics like landing your dream job, proofing the infrastructure, maximizing potential risks, digital transformation, etc.

3. The People and Projects

Another beneficial project management podcast is The People and Projects podcast. The host Andy Kaufman, the president of the Excellence & Development Leadership Institute in Chicago, helps the listeners with helpful tips to successfully manage people, implement projects, and achieve great results. According to him, a project management podcast is a set of techniques that can be applied in all life spheres where society is present: right relationships with children, contacts with unpleasant employees or relatives, etc. Andy provides coaching for everyone who wants to become a master in PM—listening to his helpful podcasts, which will know everything from PM exam preparation, PMBOK analysis, and actual practices with valuable tips.


4. The Digital Project Management Podcast

This project management podcast is skinny with best practices and project management theories which is precisely what you need. The host Ben Aston conducts interviews with professionals and experts worldwide, discussing topics like leadership, Agile, saving a project, boosting a project, productivity, and much more. The Digital Project Management podcast is a resourceful option filled with guides, tips, insights, tutorials, and articles about project management, which will serve you as a guide through your PM journey.

5. Project Management Happy Hours

This project management podcast is about the obstacles a PM can meet during a project and the solutions that will help to overcome them. Project Management Happy Hour is hosted by Kate Anderson and Kim Essendrup, who go deep into each topic and provide valuable advice. Each episode has different guests who share their practical tips relevant to the current industry. Listening to this podcast, you will dive deep into such topics as communication problems, unrealistic deadlines, problems in planning expenses, fuzzy goal settings, and more. Apart from all the mentioned values, you can earn your PDUs through subscribing and getting templates, premium content, and quizzes. Whether you are an experienced company or a startup, you will gain valuable and helpful information during your pleasant listening.

6. Project Management Paradise

Another essential project management podcast for PMs is Project Management Paradise. With more than 100 episodes, the host Richard Fitzpatrick shares various insights and experiences from giant PMs from all over the world. The interviews mainly focus on topics like organizational leadership, project management tools, and software and project management methods. Listening to this helpful podcast, you will have comprehensive guidance for practical solutions to different types of problems.


Podcasts are innovative and modern channels and modern media that project managers can take massive advantage during their career journey. Project management podcasts are an alternative to reading when your eyes are tired and provide an immense volume of information. We shortlisted the top project management podcasts from a wide variety and hope made easy your work while searching.

Happy listening!

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