10 Best Podcasts on Spotify to Listen on Weekends

Spotify has revamped its podcast strategy for 2021, aiming to showcase more than 2 million podcasts. What do you look for when contemplating which Spotify podcast to listen to? Podcasts are a great way to increase your knowledge about a variety of topics. The podcast thing is getting bigger and better. Whether it's politics or parenting, football or history, there's a podcast out there.

Spotify has acquired podcasting production companies and launched exclusive series for its 'Spotify Originals' platform, along with hosting some of the world's most popular podcasts. With so many podcasts out there, finding the right one can be intimidating. Listed below are our ten favorite Spotify podcasts, with a little bit of information about each one. Whether you want to hear cultural criticism or learn about new comedians, these are the podcasts for you. Check out these Spotify podcasts for music, true crime, history, sports, entertainment, comedy, and more.

1. Sway

A techno expert Kara Swisher addresses significant issues and big cheeses in her forthright manner. She takes us through the world of technology's major talking points, explaining complicated ideas simply and going into detail simultaneously. Many notable guests appear on Sway, including Alan Rusbridger, Evan Spiegel, and many others.

2. Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

You've stumbled upon one of the oldest and strangest cons around. Job seekers who are looking for their big break in LA get a call from a female executive who says she's got a dream job waiting for them. The only requirement is to travel to Jakarta. Upon arrival, not everything went as expected—a well-told story with a bunch of twists.

3. Today in Focus

Rachel Humphreys and Anushka Asthana provide daily news analysis from The Guardian, making the noise-filled media cycles easier to sift through. The documentary Freshwater, produced by the same team, is also worth checking out. It focuses on five fishers jailed for 104 years after £53m of cocaine was discovered in Freshwater Bay off the Isle of Wight. Five of the men have always maintained their innocence. The series takes a deep dive into the case and features interviews with some of the key players involved.

4. Making Sense with Sam Harris

Find out the latest news about technology, society, and current events with 250+ episodes from neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris. In this episode, the podcast explores how technology transforms our attention extents, the science behind psychedelics, life with Richard Dawkins, and how to escape a Christian sect. We promise that every episode will make you feel smarter.

5. Giant

Here's a new podcast for football lovers: Giant, a Spotify original series that takes a deeper look at the emotional and honest stories of the game. Mundial Magazine produces each episode, which is an hour-long and covers topics such as the Nigeria national team's golden generation, the birth of MLS, and Covid-19's impact on non-league and semi-professional football.

6. Soul Music

Soul Music is an intriguing BBC series that centers on the power of songs. Every episode tells the story of an iconic song and the emotional impact on famous and non-famous people. Enjoy these stories about the same piece of music, narrated by different speakers so seamlessly that it almost feels like a single dream. This is not to be missed!

7. Unexplained

Unexplained is a semi-weekly podcast exploring weird and mysterious real-life events that continue to elude explanation. Richard Maclean Smith provides an upbeat attitude and a refreshing difference in comparison with a plethora of US-based investigative podcasts. There is also a constantly menacing and unsettling soundtrack in the background, adding to that spooky folklore feeling. Five seasons are accompanied by chilling feelings.

8. In the Dark

Podcasting offers investigative journalism a new platform where they can move forward while adapting to changing circumstances. Just before the first episode airs, the crime being investigated is solved. For instance, the first season of In the Dark provides a peek into the failures of a law enforcement system that spent 27 years trying to solve a case that could have been closed the night it occurred.

9. Reply All

Gimlet's podcast is a tech show without the obscure geekiness. A new episode of this show features hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman examining internet problems and irritants. The show's tech support hotline permits the two to talk about memes, popular culture, scammers, how Facebook is snooping on its users, and a wide range of other topics. They address and, sometimes, resolve all of the problems of modernity.

10. The Missing Cryptoqueen

With the lawless, get-rich-quick mentality of the cryptocurrency boom, the evils of multilevel marketing, BBC investigators uncover what may be the biggest con of all time.

Bonus podcast!

We know the list is already over, but we wanted to give you an extra treat. ClickUp recently launched a podcast named "When it clicked" which is discovering the success stories of the biggest businesses. There is a moment in every business when the company's fate hangs by a thread. These are the moments where one decision can change it all, and the podcast is all about disclosing those decisions and telling you the secret history of your favorite brands.

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